Authentic Documents of the Illuminati from Bavaria
1785 - Second edict issued by Bavarian Elector Karl Theodore in favor of suppression of the Order, specifically mentioning the Illuminati..
1786 - Adam Weishaupt writes and publishes his Apologie der Illuminaten - Includes the Lanz legend in which the Illuminati Lanz (Socrates) would have been struck by lightning.
1787 - In response, the Bavarian government publishes Einige Originalschriften Des Illuminaten Ordenes which appears in the documents obtained during the attack at Zwack's house.
They also obtained a copy of the essay by Zwack's Deist Essay Better Than Horus.
Better Than Horus
Decoded by Josef Wages
1787 - Adam Weishaupt published his Das verbesserte System der Illuminaten.
1787 - The Bavarian government publishes correspondence of the Illuminati seized during the invasion in the castle of Bassus in Nachtrag Von Weitern Originalschriften (volumes 1 and 2).
1788 - The Illuminatus Johann Faber anonymously publishes Der ├Ąchte Illuminat oder die wahren, unverbesserten Rituale der Illuminaten in which the first two classes of the Illuminati are revealed.
1793 - The Bavarian government publishes Oder Schottischer Ritter . Ein Pendant zu der Schrift Die neuesten Arbeiten des Spartacus und Philo in den IlluminatenOrden etc.
1794 - The whistleblower Illuminati Grolman publishes Die Neuesten Arbeiten Des Spartacus Und Philo, exposing the secrets of the Illuminati Dirigens degree.
1798 - Proofs of a conspiracy against all religions and governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies - John Robison - Anti Illuminati Publication used in favor of suppression of the Order, also denouncing Masonry and other societies Secrets.

"Where Weishaupt and Knigge promoted the freedom of church domination over philosophy and science, Robison and Barruel (anti-Enlightenment) saw a call for the destruction of the church.Where Weishaupt and Knigge wanted a liberation from the excesses of state oppression, Robison And Barruel saw the destruction of the state.Where Weishaupt and Knigge wanted to educate women and treat them as intellectually equal, Robison and Barruel saw the destruction of the natural and proper order of society. "

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