The Eye of Horus and the All-Seeing Eye
Eye of Horus, also known as udyat, is a symbol that means power and protection. The Eye of Horus was one of the most important amulets in Ancient Egypt, which were used as a representation of strength, vigor, safety and health.

Horus was the Egyptian God of the rising sun and was represented as a hawk. It was the personification of light and had as enemy Seth, the god of disorder and violence. In the myth of Osiris, Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. Horus was known by different names: Harakhte (Horus of the Horizon), Harpócrates (Horus, the Boy), Haroeris (Horus, the Old one), among others.

Some people believe that the eye of Horus is a representation of the pineal gland, which is found in the brain and produces melatonin. In the more mystical realm, some authors have called this gland "third eye," indicating that it was responsible for the connection between the body and the soul.

There is a legend, of which the eye of Horus is composed of two parts, the left eye, and the right, where the left eye symbolizes the moon, and the right, the sun. The legend returns to Egypt, where in a fight the god Seth plucked the left eye of Horus, which was eventually replaced by an amulet, which gave rise to what is now known as the eye of Horus.

Eye of Horus Right and Left:

The Horus right eye represents the concrete information, which is controlled by the left side of the brain. This side is responsible for the understanding of letters, words and numbers, and is more universe-oriented in a masculine way.

The left eye represents abstract information, is represented by the moon, and symbolizes a feminine side, with thoughts and feelings, intuition, and the ability to see a spiritual side.

Eye of Horus in Freemasonry:

The Eye of Horus or All-Seeing Eye is part of the symbols of the Freemasons, which for them means to always be under the observance of a Higher Being, the Great Architect of the Universe. Freemasonry places the eye within the figure of a triangle, due to its strong relation to the number three.
However, some authors claim that the eye revealed as a symbol of Freemasonry is so purely the "All-Seeing Eye," and this is not related to the Eye of Horus.

Eye of Horus and Illuminati:

There is a theory that the Eye of Horus is one of the symbols used by the Illuminati because it is a powerful, influential group that controls many things, and therefore has in the "All-Seeing Eye" one of its distinctive features.