Requirements for admission
1. Minimum age for Admission:
21 full years;

2. The Order is divided into two circles of participation:
External Circle: Period of preparation for Admission;
Internal Circle. After admission in person;

3. Presential Admission Ceremony:
Once the Admission Process is started, the one registered in our External Circle will be prepared for the attendance ceremony. In this, you will join the Inner Circle of the Order;

4. What happens after the Initiation Ceremony?
Admission to the Inner Circle guarantees the member the right to attend the meetings in a secret manner of the Order;

5. Elevation to new Degrees and Levels:
Having met the requirements of each period, the member may have access to the next grades, and so on to the higher, more and more secret degrees;

6. Practicing the True Fraternity:
It is important that the person interested in admission should keep in mind that a Brother of the Order will be as valuable as his own blood brother and every effort should be made to make him feel happy and fulfilled just as he will be done;

7. Will I have improvements in my life?

The person interested in admission must accept the fact that he must adapt himself to live according to the ideology of life presented by the Order. No doubt this will cause great transformations for the better;

8. Commitment of respect to all the Brothers:
The perfect union, trust, word-of-mouth, respect and equality should be part of your treatment with all members;

9. Commitment to respect the family of Brothers:
The blood family of a member of the Order (spouse and children) is for us an extension of our fraternity and all care and respect must be taken with these people;

10. How do we treat religion?
The Order does not propagate nor impose religious dogmas. Nor do we point out sacred books to be followed. Even so we use texts from several books considered sacred in our teachings;

11. Respect and freedom of religious choice:
We take a position of respect for all religions and do not forbid our members to continue practicing their religious beliefs;

12. Commitment and Responsibility:
All have the obligation and duty to fulfill the commitments made with the Order always with great zeal and punctuality. Every word must be honored;

13. Can I leave the Order if I give up?
All members have the right to parade from the Order at any time, provided they have their pecuniary obligations up to date.